Part 58 – “The Story of Terlokya – Moving Forward” – Brought to you by Datacomp

Part 57 – “The Story of Terlokya – The death of Kesmar” – Brought to you by Iver Johnson
April 1, 2014
Part 59 – “The Story of Terlokya – New Technology” – Brought to you by Del Monti
April 15, 2014
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In Part 57, Caslaikove told about Killot becoming the new leader of Terlokya after the death of Kesmar. Following in Kesmar’s shoes forced Killot to prove himself worthy of being the new leader by leading a ground force of Terlokyans against an invading force of Hesters. There’s more from Caslaikove below, or you can go straight to .

04/08/14, Earth Time: 06:00 AM, EST, Tuesday – The Story of Terlokya – Moving Forward

Greetings and salutations. Caslaikove here. Last time I told of the passing of Kesmar and the ascension of Killot to the leadership of Terlokya. He became Terlokya’s first Supreme Commander. Following in the footsteps of Kesmar, Killot felt great pressure to prove himself worthy. Killot had been The General of the Ground Force on the planet Kekter before becoming a member of the Supreme Council. During this time, Terlokya had been fighting to retain control of Kekter for years against a species called the Hesters. They were somewhat humanoid, shorter, with a leathery covering and very adverse to moisture, hence always quite dirty. But they were highly intelligent, almost as advanced as Terlokyans, and very good fighters.

The Hesters had started another campaign to wrest control of Kekter away from the Terlokyans. Kekter was a dry, dusty planet with little water but loaded with mineral deposits. It was in the same solar system as Cezzeck, the first planet colonized by Terlokya that was outside their own solar system. Killot decided to lead the Terlokyan ground forces against the invading Hesters. Already a war hero, Killot proved himself again by routing the invaders. He led a company of Terlokyan Warriors around the flank of the enemy and destroyed their main force. He returned to the capital, Kukno, a hero again.

NEXT WEEK – “New Technology”

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