Fritz Franke

The Gist:

C urrently a member of the Heroes Writers Group, Fritz continues to write and has had books released, and has had stories, and articles published in local newspapers and magazines. Fritz’s previous writing experiences were as a newspaper columnist and as an editor for an advertising firm.

Additionally, Fritz is a graduate of the University of Virginia’s McIntire Commerce School in 1983 with a double concentration in Management Information Systems and Human Resource Management and an undeclared minor in Psychology. He currently resides near Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Journey:

What an amazing journey it has been. What began as a lonely trek through the unknown, to get the first book out, has now turned into a huge team effort for the rest of the series.

Where to begin. Back in 2006, I mentioned to a writer I knew that I’d like to write a book. He asked me if I had anything to write about. So I told him about my dreams. He was blown away and encouraged me to become a writer. I immediately started writing. That’s when I realized I didn’t know how to write. So I did what anyone does who wants to learn something new, I went back to school. I took writing classes at the University of Virginia. And it really did the trick. I thought I was on top of the world as I began my new career as a writer ... all the while dreaming about becoming an author.

After the first book was published, The Chosen One in 2013, I started on the second book, Terlokya. Writing became my crutch. I finished the second book of the Savior Project series, Terlokya during the fall of 2017. But it turns out that Terlokya was so big that it needed to be divided up into three books. So out of that came Terlokya, Arunda, and soon to be released, Gates from Hell. And Book 5 - He Returns, is in the works.

Oh, an FYI, the prequel of the series, The History of Terlokya, has been completed. I’ve been busy during these troubling times.

And what a great team I have supporting me. Once again, the most awesome Heather Hummel, the award winning author and photographer, has been there for me as my editor. She’s still my mentor and will always be a best friend. And now she’s also my Marketing Director. To my heroes, Diane Bahler, Philip Day, Ceci Vaughan, and our missing comrade, Denise Demitris. Our Heroes Writers Group rocks! They have read everything from my books, both good and bad. They have helped turn the bad to good. And Professor Henry still keeps an eye on us. As always, a huge round of applause goes to superman Ian McDaniel of Gravitys Edge Productions for his fantastic book cover enhancements. He is a master artist. Ian has always been there for me and I can’t see that ever changing. To my webmaster, the great Wil Johnson. He is da man! I’m pretty sure that when he saw my original websites, he figured they were slapped together in about thirty minutes each. It actually took me only twenty minutes each. But that’s what happens when you ride solo and are always in a hurry. With Wil riding shotgun now, stuff really looks good. And people can hardly wait to see his next series trailer. The first one blew everyone away. Well done, sir! And Charles Huggins, the book trailer maker, is truly an artist. His quick video takes on each book captures your attention. Of course, major kudos go to my publisher – Pathbinder Publishing and their fearless leader, Paul Hoffman. Can’t forget my wonderful daughter Ryan ... who has become my photographer. I don’t know how she puts up with me. And even my boys, Christopher, Scott, and Karl keep the encouragement and ideas rolling in. And 3 cheers to my grammar editor, Kelli Clark Triplett, the lady with the “Eagle Eye”. To my new Social Media Manger who just joined the team, the one and only ... Scott Franke.

And I can never forget the readers who have encouraged me to keep writing. They are into the series and want to know what happens to the ultimate hero, Chris Gates.

Thanks to all of you for being so patient. I couldn’t have done this without all of you being there for me every day and in every way. Thank you.

The Rest of the story can be found in my blog, as well as the videos that I will be adding in the future!