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The Savior Project: Arunda

June 13, 2018
Greatest Baseball Comeback by Fritz Franke
May 6, 2018

The Journey Continues...

L ost and seemingly marooned forever, what does Chris do now? Who did this to them and why? He is responsible for the lives and the future of his crew. Isolated now with the beautiful Zenta constantly by his side, what does he do with his feelings for her? All lives change dramatically...


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"The Savior Project Series is fast paced and full of surprises. A fantastic Sci-Fi adventure that kept me mesmerized throughout the entire series. The perfect dose of dialogue and the right amount of narrative immersed me into the detailed world that this author created. This book definitely left me wanting more!" - April M. Reign, best selling Sci Fi and romance author of the Hash Series, Dividing Destiny, The Mancini Saga, and many more, Southern California.

"Franke has the ability to transport your mind to another place and make you want to go all in with every fascinating detail. His unique and cleverly crafted series is definitely a page turner but it also makes you want to slow down and savor the ride. It is the perfect way for your brain to binge on something tantalizing." - Mark J. Novota, Managing Partner of the five star Wequassett Resort and Golf Club, Cape Cod, MA.

“This enchanting story draws readers into a fantastical world where death is not final, the future revisits the past, and time and distance are not absolute. Terlokya begins where The Chosen One left us hanging, with the Savior assuming his role as Earth's protector. Will he be successful in saving us? Stand by for book three." – Kathryn Thornton, Former Shuttle Astronaut. Discovery mission specialist 1989, Endeavour maiden flight crew 1992, Endeavour mission specialist 1993, Columbia payload commander 1995. UVa Professor of Aerospace Engineering.

“Fritz Franke is a master storyteller. Terlokya, book two in The Savior Project Series, takes off at a pace that you may not be prepared for. Make sure you have some time set aside to let yourself fall in love with this book. The tension builds, and the dialog will carry you along. You'll be transported to places you never imagined through vivid descriptions. But, get ready, 'cause this is only the beginning. I cannot wait to see how this series will continue to unfold in the next book: ARUNDA.” – Ron Washburn, bestselling author of The Lady Gunslinger and Future History, Las Cruces, NM..

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