Loyal Readers

To my loyal readers ...

Well, once again, I’ve been asked “Where in the hell have you been?”

As I’ve told quite a few friends, I’ve had a lot more curves thrown my way by life over the past four years. I thought I had found a partner for life – turned out to be my worst nightmare. That kept me occupied (defending myself?) for two of the four years. My Father passed away, I retired from UVa, I bought a house and life is returning to a new normal. Oh yeah, we all are dealing with the pandemic.

Anyway, book 3 from the Savior Project Series, Arunda, was released right before I disappeared. There never was any marketing done so I’m not sure if anyone knew about it. Everyone will soon.

My team is really supporting my comeback. My most awesome editor, Heather Hummel. The greatest webmaster ever, Wil Johnson. The wild creative cover designer, Ian McDaniel. The Heroes Writers group, Diane Bahler, Philip Day, and Ceci Vaughan. The book trailer maker, Charles Huggins, truly an artist. My publisher – Pathbinder Publishing and the very cool, Paul Hoffman. My wonderful daughter Ryan, my photographer. This team is the best.

So with all that said, more books will be hitting the shelves real soon. Thank you for your patience. Let’s get back on that fun ride.

Fritz Franke