Part 35 – “Story Teller” – Brought to you by the new Hummer Hoover.

Part 34 – “Zenta” – Brought to you by the new BMW Cow Carrier.
October 1, 2013
Part 36 – “Listeners” – Brought to you by the new ACE Instant Garage.
October 15, 2013
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In Part 34, I talked about Zenta, Xander, and the rest of the Terlokyans I had met. The adventures were awesome. So I started to tell some close friends about the dreams, the people, the adventures and so forth. A few of them thought I should be put in an institution, or be placed in a detox facility, or they asked if they could have some of the same stuff I had been taking. I was crushed. These dreams turned adventures were stories that were so cool that I wanted other people to hear about them. So how to do that was the big question.

Then it hit me. By my telling people how these things came about, well … they thought I was nuts. Just like everyone who has read all my blog posts probably think the same thing. But there are two aspects to this. First, I’ve gotten to the point in my life that I’m not really concerned what other people think of me as long as I’m not doing something wrong. If I’m just being the real me … well then take it or leave it. No one is making anyone stay and do anything they don’t want to do. The second is that if you heard (and now can read) the stories, I know you would think they are cool. So with that second thing in mind, I decided to start telling stories. My stories. And when I started doing this, I figured I’d leave out how I came up with these stories. These aren’t the only stories. There are others.

I remember … yeah, well, that’ll be next week.

This week’s blog has been brought to you by the new Hummer Hoover. The Hummer is trying to make a comeback by appealing to the rich. So they are equipping each new Hummer with a brand new top-of-the-line indoor-outdoor Hoover Vacuum system.

Below is a pic of a (obviously) very wealthy lady vacuuming her front yard so that dust doesn’t blow onto her Hummer. Notice the fur coat.

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