Part 34 – “Zenta” – Brought to you by the new BMW Cow Carrier.

Part 33 – “More Than One” – Brought to you by the Boeing 797
September 24, 2013
Part 35 – “Story Teller” – Brought to you by the new Hummer Hoover.
October 8, 2013
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In Part 33, I talked about all the Terlokyans I encountered and commented that I never really caught their name … that is until I heard Zenta’s. Perhaps it was because she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. The smooth bronze skin, the white hair, the blue eyes, etc. And her voice was so alluring.

If I remember correctly, every time I encountered her, I really never remembered much of what else happened. But I did interact with her and with Xander, Tish, and Gunstot the most. All of this was the root of the stories I’m writing. I can see them so clearly in my mind. I can hear their voices. I know their mannerisms, their likes, their fears. I lived some of their adventures and they were so exciting that I had to tell someone.

I began telling … dang it. Those were short paragraphs, but I still have to stop at two. A promise is a promise.

This week’s blog has been brought to you by the new BMW Cow Carrier – the BMWCC. BMW is well known for its luxury sports cars and sedans. Due to today’s economic situation in Europe and specifically Germany, BMW has decided to enter new markets. Below is a pic of their prototype vehicle.

So I conducted a poll on if people liked the name Zenta. Here are the results:

YES = 32

NO = 4

To see a sketch of Zenta, go to Chris Gates’ website – Now, tell me which one is Zenta.

Want to own one of these?

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