Part 36 – “Listeners” – Brought to you by the new ACE Instant Garage.

Part 35 – “Story Teller” – Brought to you by the new Hummer Hoover.
October 8, 2013
Part 37 – “The Story of Terlokya” – Brought to you by the Russian Lada.
October 22, 2013
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In Part 35, I talked about the time right before I started writing, I was a storyteller. I also mentioned that this blog probably has people thinking I’m nuts, to which I said that I didn’t care. But launching the idea of becoming a storyteller left me with one big problem … who do I tell the stories to? I picked a captive audience: my kids. Yes, I would tell these stories as bedtime stories. They loved them. As they grew older, they still liked the stories, but I needed to broaden my audience. Who?

Boy Scouts. Yep … my two boys were in the scouts and I was one of those dads that became a leader. Having been in the scouts myself as a kid, it was a natural progression.  And camping trips provided the perfect times … around the camp fires. The boys loved the stories. So while that was going on, about the same time, I was selling a car, and the guy test driving it was an author. But that topic has been covered already near the beginning of the blog. (see 02/05/13) See how we’ve come full circle? So what’s next?

… well, that’s next time.

NEXT WEEK “The Story of Terlokya”

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So … next week is the Story of Terlokya. Excited?

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