Part 33 – “More Than One” – Brought to you by the Boeing 797

Part 32 – “A Terlokyan” – Brought to you by Energy Efficient Lighting.
September 17, 2013
Part 34 – “Zenta” – Brought to you by the new BMW Cow Carrier.
October 1, 2013
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In Part 32, I told you about meeting my first Terlokyan – the beautiful goddess with the endless tan. After that dream, they just kept happening. Probably due to the fact that when I awoke from that dream, I wrote down details. Because of that, I remembered everything in detail. I was consumed with the whole experience. I wanted it to continue. So at night, when I went to bed, it was all I could think about. Having such a strong imagination, I was able to go back in a conscious state and live in what most people would call ‘day dreams’ or something similar to that.

It is said that people dream about the last things they were thinking about before they go to sleep. Well, in my case, that is true. I purposely went back into that dream and guided it in directions I wanted it to go. Then when asleep, it would sometimes continue, change somewhat, or just be something entirely different. Soon, there was more than just one Terlokyan. Some of the characters were created by me in those ‘day dreams’ (as in Xander and Sohan) and others were created in real dreams (as in Jzet and Tish). Names were a different story. I always had to name them in a conscious state after I recalled the dream. I would hear names in dreams, but they were always muddled. But there was one exception.

When I first heard … uh oh … the limit has been reached.


This week’s blog has been brought to you by the Boeing 797. This jet seems like it’s real from the pics … but it’s not. It’s a dream. Below are a couple of pics about this famous, but yet fictitious jet. Speaking of dreams …


I’m dreaming that you’ll go see the book trailer for the Savior Project so it’ll pump up the views.

It’s on You Tube and is a little over a minute long. Please drop by.

Here’s a poll: Do you like the name Zenta?

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