Part 32 – “A Terlokyan” – Brought to you by Energy Efficient Lighting.

Part 31 – “Captivated!” – Brought to you by Falcon Watchers
September 10, 2013
Part 33 – “More Than One” – Brought to you by the Boeing 797
September 24, 2013
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In Part 31, I told how this beautiful, bronzed skin goddess with bright white hair, rescued me from a field of killer plants. After getting down off the bear or tiger or whatever kind of beast we were riding, this goddess reared back and threw a fist right over my shoulder into the face of some leathery  being that had floated or dropped out of a tree right behind me. It appeared that everyone wanted me for dinner – as the main course. As I recovered enough to finally stand like I wasn’t on the deck of some rolling ship in hurricane waters, the goddess spoke, “So, you’re new around here, right?” And I answered, “What gave it away? My pearly white skin, or my weird clothes?”  “Neither,” she said. “It’s because everyone wants to eat you and you’re unaware of it.”

I was mesmerized. This was the most gorgeous creature I had ever laid eyes one. “What are you?” I asked. “A Terlokyan,” she answered. She looked as human as you and me but with an endless summer tan and had the ultimate in bleach blond hair – totally white. Not gray or some kind of hair that turned gray, but pure white that was so bright, it seemed to shine even when there was no light. This was the first of many Terlokyans that I would meet. And that’s how the six book series called ‘The Savior Project’ started. So what else happened? … I’ve hit the 2 para wall. I’ll roll on next week.

NEXT WEEK – More Than One!

This week’s blog has been brought to you by Energy Efficient Lighting. This company belongs to a friend of mine and I’m trying to help him out by getting him a little exposure. I would never use his lights. His designs are just not to my taste. I’ve got a picture below of one of his chandeliers.

You’ve heard o Chris Gates … right? Check out his website … He’s the main character in The Chosen One.


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