Part 31 – “Captivated!” – Brought to you by Falcon Watchers

Part 30 – “Trapped!” – Brought to you by Joywind
September 3, 2013
Part 32 – “A Terlokyan” – Brought to you by Energy Efficient Lighting.
September 17, 2013
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In Part 30, I put you right into the action that I was in. Having been surrounded by these huge alien beasts while walking through a field of beautiful plants, I suddenly saw her riding one of these beasts. She kicked it in the sides and came straight for me. I was captivated by her. Long bright white hair flowing in the wind framed the most beautiful bronze face I had ever seen. The beast she was riding looked like a combination of animals: the head of a bear with swept-back horns like a Musk Ox, the body shape of a tiger but it was the size of a horse, with a fierce coloring of green and black tiger stripes with the head being all black.

I was already down on one knee, too tired to even stand anymore. The plants around me were blowing up against me, touching, me, and emitting an intoxicating aroma. My vision started to cloud over and I could barely make her out anymore as she closed in. She was waving her hand up as if she wanted me to rise. I just couldn’t get up. Plus I was mesmerized by her. She could have run over me and I wouldn’t have cared. Just as I collapsed amongst the plants, she rode up to me, flew off her beast, and knelt next to me and said, “You must get up. These plants are killing you for food. Come with me.” She helped me to my feet and had to practically push me up onto the beast. Then she effortlessly climbed up in front of me and we proceeded to ride like lightning towards the woods.

Upon entering the woods, … rats … two paragraphs already? I was on a roll here. Oh well.

NEXT WEEK – A Terlokyan.

This week’s blog has been brought to you by Falcon Watchers. Falcons are an endangered species and are usually spotted moving or sitting still. Finding a ‘nesting’ Falcon is tough to do. A very unique and rare picture of a nesting Falcon is below.

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