Part 30 – “Trapped!” – Brought to you by Joywind

Part 29 – “They were green?” – Brought to you by The Peppermint Beach Club.
August 27, 2013
Part 31 – “Captivated!” – Brought to you by Falcon Watchers
September 10, 2013
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In Part 29, I brought you up to speed on the dreams and adventures I was starting to have. In one, I discovered a very unusual animal that these green humans with white hair rode and actually bonded with. Well, I came upon a herd of them when I was alone and they casually surrounded me while I was just strolling along looking for something to do. I had come into this adventure (after getting in bed to go to sleep) doing battle alongside other ‘greenies’ (as I called them at that time) as we fought these ugly reptiles. I must have drifted off because the next thing I knew, I was walking along by myself through a meadow filled with unbelievably beautiful tall plants that looked similar to flower-like plants found on Earth. But they seemed to be alive like animals, swaying and singing to me. I was feeling rather comfortable and relaxed, even a bit tired. I pondered lying down and taking a nap when I noticed the first one.

Off to my left I saw a huge bear … so I thought. It had the head of a bear but with horns like a Musk Ox. As it came nearer to me and more of it was exposed, I could see stripes on its body, but what a large body. It looked like it was the size of a horse but the body shape looked like that of a tiger. The stripes were green and black with the head being all black. As it came closer, I saw it was being followed by other beasts just like it. And they were coming towards me. Seeing that the lead one was rapidly closing on me, I started moving along a little faster. But those plants kept singing to me and brushing up against me making me feel really sleepy. As I slowed down, I realized that these beasts had surrounded me. I started to panic and thought about making a run for it, but there were no gaps. Besides, I really didn’t think I could outrun them and I was so tired. I was definitely trapped. That’s when I saw her.

Oh what a shame … I have to stop. It’s that two paragraph rule.

NEXT WEEK – Captivated.

This week’s blog has been brought to you by Joywind. This was Charlottesville’s first head shop and was located next to Tovins which eventually became the Mineshaft. There is a controversy as to who owned/started Joywind. Some say Dave Sherman co-owned Charlottesville’s first head shop. Others say Tom and Pam Fristoe (from Florida) hooked up with Jackie Feldman and Chuck Brewer to start it. Anyway, it thrived during the 70s and was a joy to all. A picture of what was normally found at Joywind is below.

There are two adult females involved in the life of Chris Gates, Lisa and Zenta. Can you tell which is which? Try and find out – visit Chris Gates’ website at …




Can you tell which is Zenta and which is Lisa from the pics on Chris’ website

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