Part 29 – “They were green?” – Brought to you by The Peppermint Beach Club.

Part 28 – “Where is that?” – Brought to you by the Taylor Aerocar.
August 20, 2013
Part 30 – “Trapped!” – Brought to you by Joywind
September 3, 2013
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In Part 28, I went over boring Boonesville. Even if a place was real or imagined, I realized that I could create any place I wanted whether it existed previously or not. So I created another Earth like world. It would eventually become Terlokya, but it became a place for me to escape to. I could be anyone I wanted, go anywhere I wanted, and see anything and everything. I would place myself there and just be.

At night, as I went to sleep, I would go there before drifting off and would dream about it. I would wake up and if I remembered to keep a pad and paper next to the bed (as I did most nights) I would write down stuff that happened and be totally blown away when I woke up enough to realize what I had written. The people on the future planet of Terlokya did have white hair, just like in the book. But they were green. Not like little green men. They were human and as cool as they are in the book. And they fought wars, rode wild beasts, and did many of the things you will read about in book 2. The adventures were awesome.

One time I was … uh oh … it’s that time.

NEXT WEEK – Trapped!

This week’s blog has been brought to you by The Peppermint Beach Club. This was one awesome club to hang out in back in the 70s down in Virginia Beach. A picture of the club is below.

If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at the book trailer for The Chosen One from the Savior Project Series. The link can be found on the series website, or just click on this link –   .


Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s edition, yes?

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