Part 28 – “Where is that?” – Brought to you by the Taylor Aerocar.

Part 27 – “I’m hanging out with whom?” – Brought to you by Bricklin.
August 13, 2013
Part 29 – “They were green?” – Brought to you by The Peppermint Beach Club.
August 27, 2013
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In Part 27, I recapped hanging out with cool people like Mickey Mantle and Raquel Welch. But I was getting bored with just seeing people so I went to Hawaii. Since I had never been there, I didn’t know what to expect or what it looked like. All I knew was that there were sandy beaches and palm trees in a tropical paradise. After that little trip, I went to the library to look up pictures about Hawaii. (Come on … I didn’t have access to the limited internet back then and neither did most people – heck, I didn’t even know it existed back then, but it did.)

What I discovered at the library was that the areas I went to in Hawaii didn’t really exist. Well, they didn’t exist exactly as I saw them. Sure, I was on sandy beaches under palm trees but I couldn’t find any pictures showing the places I had been. So I decided to experiment with traveling. There is a little town/hamlet/village/whatever in the northern part of our county called Boonesville. I had never been to it so I ‘traveled’ there and walked around checking it out. There were some houses, a few stores, nothing much else. After getting back, I drove my motorcycle out to Boonesville to see how accurate my trip was. It was a little different in real life.  The roads weren’t the same, nor the buildings, or anything else. Close, but with many differences. My trip had Boonesville looking a little better than what I actually discovered. I told my brother what I did and he had no idea where Boonesville was. “Where is that?” was his only response. Not much help from him in deciphering this whole thing. But with this new found knowledge, I figured I should try and make places up and go to them.

So I started inventing … whoops … you know the drill.

NEXT WEEK – They were green?

This week’s blog has been brought to you by the Taylor Aerocar. Built in 1949, the Taylor Aerocar actually worked … meaning it successfully flew. Only 6 were built. It seems the idea just never took off. Get it? Never took off? Oh, never mind. A picture of one of them is below.

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Did I bore you with this week’s blurb about Boonesville?

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