Part 17 – I’m about to do what? – Brought to you by the West Virginian.

Part 16 – Can I have some of that? – Brought to you by the TRAX nightclub.
May 14, 2013
Part 18 – What happened? – Brought to you by the Animal House.
May 28, 2013
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In Part 16, I told you about the two choices my friend Mike gave me to improve my so called ‘dream traveling’ to where the haziness would stop and I could converse with the people I was seeking. The first choice was to indulge in pot. The second was to read the book, Seth Speaks, by Jane Roberts who let Seth channel through her and she wrote about that experience and what he said. That stuff was all fine and dandy but the parts of the book that talked (in detail) about ‘out-of-body’ experiences really interested me. Now Mike had the great (great?) idea that mixing his two suggestions would be a real winner. I really didn’t want to do that. Trying just one would be such a new experience and since ‘out-of-body’ experiences are not illegal, that was my choice. I could see myself trying to go to Naples and end up in Hanoi of something and getting arrested. But that didn’t happen so …

After studying how to do it, (slipping into a trance) and actually practicing a bit, I decided it was time to travel to Naples. Practicing consisted of going around my neighborhood and not letting anyone see me. I really felt like I was alive/awake/existing somewhere other than where I started – which was my room at my house on a Saturday afternoon. I saw people I knew but I tried to remain out of sight. It seemed very strange to be doing this. I would look at my hands and they looked and felt like they normally do. I pinched myself really hard on the fleshy part of my arm, which was stupid because it hurt. And when I thought I had spent enough time outside, I ‘willed’ myself back and woke up in my bed. Yep … it seemed to work. So that night, I planned to see Rita. I figured that I’d wait for the family to all retire and I’d head to bed like normal but take a little trip.

So I was laying on top of the covers drifting off to sleep, but not really normal sleep. It was a trance-like state. Suddenly things went … wow … this is a third paragraph. That’s a Bozo no-no.

NEXT WEEK –What happened?

This week’s blog has been brought to you by the West Virginian: founded in 1978 or 79 … somewhere in there. It was located beneath the Virginian and was one of the best bars on the Corner in Charlottesville VA. Live music, cheap drinks, but only one exit. It wasn’t long before the Fire Marshall shut it down. Good times.

Below is a random picture that is just hilarious. I had to share. It’s going around on Twitter right now. BTW, if you want to follow me on Twitter, I am @TerlokyanFritz. I always follow back. And don’t forget to visit the book series website if you haven’t already –

CYA next week.


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