Part 16 – Can I have some of that? – Brought to you by the TRAX nightclub.

Part 15 – Who gave me this book? – Brought to you by Environmental Systems of America.
May 7, 2013
Part 17 – I’m about to do what? – Brought to you by the West Virginian.
May 21, 2013
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In Part 15, I shared with you my unique ability to day dream right before going to sleep where these dreams would continue. And they were so real that I felt I was really there. But I needed to change some things. I was always able to remember my dreams in the morning because I would jot down notes right when I woke up. This would embed the dream into memory by forcing myself to recall what happened. Sure, I was in control of the day dream – right up to the point of falling asleep, but then the adventures would begin. My conscious mind was not formulating or directing anything that was happening. And now I was trying to use this ability to travel to places I had been with the goal of interacting with people I knew. Whether it was real or not, never occurred to me … being 15 years old and feeling like I was immortal and could do anything.

So I was talking to one of my best friends about this … we’ll call him Mike … and he said that I had two choices to try and fix the haziness (as he called it) of being able to interact with people I knew. The first was to start smoking pot (this was the 70s after all) and the second choice was to read the book ‘Seth Speaks’ by Jane Roberts. I opted for the second choice (not having ever seen pot). But I did ask, “Can I have some of that? Just in case the book thing doesn’t work.” Mike told me to take a hike since the stuff wasn’t free. So I opted to get the book.

This dude named Seth channeled through Jane Roberts and she wrote books about it. The one thing … crap … I’ve hit the 2 paragraph wall … just when it was getting interesting. Heck, I’ve had people tell me it’s all interesting. Of course these people think I’m insane so what the heck.

NEXT WEEK – I’m about to do what?

This week’s blog has been brought to you by TRAX nightclub: founded in 1981 and began operation in the spring of 1982. I left the club at the end of 1983. It went on for a few years and eventually folded after the building and land were sold to UVa. This week’s blog is also brought to you by the fine folks behind THE SAVIOR PROJECT. Hop on over to and find out what all the buzz is about. The new book, THE CHOSEN ONE, can explain a lot of it, and can be found at these fine retailers:

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The ebook is only $2.99 and the paperback is only $7.99.

Thanks for joining me. And here’s a pic the TRAX nightclub logo – the best nightclub ever … for which I named the club, designed the logo, and drew all the drafts and final version. I still have the original artwork. I was a graphic artist back then … a REAL one. We didn’t have the benefit of computers. It was all hand drawn. And I didn’t have those colorful wavy lines in the original. I found this version on the net  I also booked the bands for the club. That was the coolest job ever. It wasn’t a job, it was a blast. My days at TRAX could be a book unto itself. Oh well. Lots of books to write and so little time. CYA next week.

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