Part 15 – Who gave me this book? – Brought to you by Environmental Systems of America.

Part 14 – So this is it? – Brought to you by Peoples Drug Store.
April 30, 2013
Part 16 – Can I have some of that? – Brought to you by the TRAX nightclub.
May 14, 2013
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In Part 14, I got myself back on track to tell the story of becoming a writer, having strayed a bit due to the action, etc. Now I’m back in the states, really ticked off that I didn’t get to see Rita, and determined to do something about it. What I did was realize that I was just starting high school and had absolutely no power (money = power) to do anything about seeing her any time soon. Sure we wrote to each other and she said she would like to immigrate to America. But I knew that would take years. All I had were dreams.

Yes, I’m a dreamer.  Just ask anyone that knows me. (Heck, I’m trying to make it as a writer … I must be a dreamer.) With such a vivid imagination (as my Mother used to say) I have always been able to force myself to dream, either in the daytime when doing nothing (like sitting in boring chemistry class … hey, to a 15 year old … that’s doing nothing) and especially at night right before going to sleep. I could come up with all kinds of action packed scenarios that I would be involved in from flying B-17 bombers over Europe during the war to being the last person on the planet fanatically trying to find another human being. (I always did of course … and was she ever … wait … there I go again) But the strength of my dream capabilities was that after falling asleep, whatever I was making myself dream would usually continue. You’ve heard people say that the last thing in the mind is usually what you’ll dream about. That’s when I decided to dream about being in Europe, Italy to be exact. But the dreams just weren’t right. I was trying to be in places that I had been and interact with people but it kept getting hazy or cloudy … fuzzy or whatever you want to call it. It just wasn’t real enough. So I was talking with one of my best friends about this and … oh well, shucky darn and slop the chickens … I have to stop. That was supposed to be a new paragraph. This is where that promise to keep it short comes back to haunt me. And you?

NEXT WEEK – Can I have some of that?

This week’s blog has been brought to you by Environmental Systems of America. This fine environmental consulting firm was at one time THE premier group of environmental and recycling experts in the USA. That is until one of the partners decided to cook the books and brought the whole thing down. Oh well, greed does things to people. Do you know of anyone who would really sponsor this blog? If so, please email me. I could use all the help I can get.

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Thanks for joining me. And here’s a pic of the planet Terlokya. As a matter of fact, this is on the cover of book 2. Looks like Earth … but it’s not. Chris Gates is there right now. Well almost. That moon you see there in the upper right hand corner is called Donar. Wish you could go? Get the book The Chosen One and start your journey. CYA next week.


Well, was that blog catchy or what?


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