Part 14 – So this is it? – Brought to you by Peoples Drug Store.

Part 13 – Polizia – Brought to you by Miller Lite Ice.
April 23, 2013
Part 15 – Who gave me this book? – Brought to you by Environmental Systems of America.
May 7, 2013
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In Part 13, my brother and I had barely escaped from unknown parts of Naples Italy with our lives. My obnoxious behavior at Rita’s apartment building almost got us arrested. But we got away. The next day we did the pleading with the parents for a chance to go back so I could see Rita. No dice. We drove through Italy and made it to Monaco in time to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the heart of the Mecca of gambling. And the Mecca of drinking too I might add. Since I missed out on having my only chance of seeing my Italian Goddess, I figured I’d get wasted. That’s always a good plan when you’re only 14. While my parents roamed the glitzy casinos with all the tuxes and high flutin’ dresses, both of my brothers and I figured this was a once in a lifetime opportunity: to party BIG TIME.

But alas, I stray again. This is supposed to be about “The Odyssey of This Writer”, not about the drunken, womanizing debauchery of me when I was in my early teens. Sooooo … let’s get this puppy back on track and tell the real story. (Sure … I’ll write a book about the other part … someday.) The point is, is that I didn’t get to see Rita in Italy. And that haunted me all the way back to the states. We were still writing each other and she chastised me a bit for causing such a HUGE disturbance in her neighborhood that night back in Naples. As a matter of fact, Rita told me her parents had forbid her to see “That American” since I was sure to lead her down the path of destruction … just like our country did to everyone else. I tell you … I REALLY wish I had met her parents. I would have had a few words for them. And I actually did get to meet her parents. It all happened … Oh crap … this is where a new paragraph is supposed to start. I guess we’ll have to wait till next week.

NEXT WEEK – Who gave me this book?

This week’s blog has been brought to you by Peoples Drug Store. Why? Because they don’t exist. They were bought by a big conglomerate years ago. Do you actually think I have REAL sponsors? I mean look at what I’m writing about … drinking, pushing the limits of the law, etc. Do you think someone would really sponsor this? If so, please email me. I could use the dough.

Be sure to check out the book trailer for THE CHOSEN ONE – . People say it’s really cool. And of course, links to buy the book, THE CHOSEN ONE, are right there at

Thanks for joining me. And here’s another random pic that I just happen to like. This is a pic of a kid (he’s 26, but still a kid to me,) who grew up with my oldest son. He’s a Marine serving in Afghanistan on the front lines. I am so proud of him and thankful that we have such a dedicated young person protecting us … from what I’m not sure of … but that’s another story. He’s in there, he does what he’s ordered to do, and I just want him to come home safe … and alive. I want all of them to come home safe … and alive. CYA next week.

Well, did you like the blog or what?

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