Part 56 – “The Story of Terlokya – Defense” – Brought to you by the Soda Pop Board of America

Part 55 – “The Story of Terlokya – Just Food” – Brought to you by Blatz
March 18, 2014
Part 57 – “The Story of Terlokya – The death of Kesmar” – Brought to you by Iver Johnson
April 1, 2014
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In Part 55, Caslaikove told about the discovery that Veloptors use humans in their food production system. They didn’t use them as workers, but as the food. The captured Veloptor also told of other planets that were inhabited by humans – planets they conquered.  There’s more from Caslaikove below, or you can go straight to .

03/25/14, Earth Time: 06:00 AM, EST, Tuesday – The Story of Terlokya – Defense

Greetings and salutations. Caslaikove here. Last week I told about the horrible discovery that this new enemy of humans use our kind as food. They had discovered other planets of humans, but the captured Veloptor didn’t have the space locations. But his cohorts had escaped with our high speed space travel technology, or Split Magnetic Field Travel, as we call it. The Veloptors had accidently stumbled upon us by exploring a rif, the spawned split in a magnetic field that is caused when a field is split. It was a technology defect. Kesmar, the leader of Terlokya, was nearing his final days. But since his words rang true, that of the impending arrival of a fierce enemy, those that had harbored an opposing view of a military buildup were now clamoring for an even greater spending on weapons technology and improvements to high speed space travel.

Researchers worked at what they already knew while more needs were defined. The military wanted to go beyond merely having laser weaponry that simply fired a stream of red energy that obliterated whatever it came in contact with. The need to capture, disable, disarm, or kill all became priorities for a new laser weapon system that could be carried by the common soldier or adapted (or replace) the laser cannon system currently in use by the military. Pinpoint accuracy was the goal for high speed space travel improvement. The whole of Terlokya was now behind this defensive buildup. But there would be a setback in this progressive effort. A void was about to engulf the spirit of Terlokya.

NEXT WEEK – “The death of Kesmar”

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How many Terlokyans are identified in the book trailer? Can you match the faces up to the characters in the book? The winner gets a free copy of both Book 1 and the upcoming Book 2. How many can you match up?


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