Part 26 – “EUREKA!!!” – Brought to you by Hanover Township. NOTE – Been on vacation the last 2 weeks. Beach time!!!

Soooooooooooooo much going on.
July 30, 2013
Part 27 – “I’m hanging out with whom?” – Brought to you by Bricklin.
August 13, 2013
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In Part 25, I had been trying to jump over the boxwoods that separated our house from our neighbors. It was real foggy around our house and I really hurt my knee on the last jump. So I forced myself out of the OBE, and do you know what I saw when I sat up in my bed? I had fully expected to find my jeans torn and my knee bloodied. But my jeans were fine and my knee had nary a bruise. That’s when it hit me … I wasn’t really having true OBEs, or at least I didn’t understand what a true Out of Body Experience was. I figured I was having really intense, controllable dreams. Was I actually asleep? I don’t know. And I didn’t care. I could go places that felt like I was really there and I could remember everything that happened. I just couldn’t interact with anyone I knew. So what did I do?

I traveled and did cool things. I discovered that I could do some amazing things – pretty much anything I wanted to do. Everyone knows that Superman can just jump up in the air and fly. I could do that. He could pick up a car or whatever. Once I picked up a car, that wasn’t worth pursuing anymore – lifting heavy things. I could hit a baseball out of any stadium. I pitched a hundred mile an hour fastball. I threw the perfect football pass every time. I also met some very beautiful girls and was able to … uh … this is a good time to stop. Really??? (you say …) Yeah, it is.

NEXT WEEK – I’m hanging out with whom?

This week’s blog has been brought to you by Hanover Township. This is the little hamlet that I stay in on Lake Erie with my kids and cousins. I included a couple of pics below. One of them has my daughter and my youngest son walking up the street from the beach to our cottage. The other looks down the street from the cottage’s deck. Beyond those houses is the lake. Good times.

Sorry for the 2 week vacation, but I needed it. So for all that turmoil going on in my life … yes it is part of The Odyssey of This Writer, and that part of the story will come out. Just not yet. It’s painful. Still.

Also, please visit the book series website if you haven’t already –

CYA next Tuesday.

Glad to be back on track. Whatcha think?

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