Part 24 – “Trouble?” – Brought to you by Bricklin.

Part 23 – “There comes a time when …” This week’s blog doesn’t have a sponsor since it is a SPECIAL EDITION. Next week, we will be back to normal broadcasting with “Trouble”.
July 2, 2013
Part 25 – “OWWW!!!” – Brought to you by The Beatles.
July 17, 2013
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In Part 23, I went on a rant about life. That’s done so let’s get back in trouble from Part 22. This is where I am in an OBE, and decide to go back to where I physically am, and see myself in a trance having the OBE. So I made my way down the street towards my house. It’s night time and as I got closer to the house, a fog started rolling in. I could still see the lights on in the house but this was a fast moving fog and got thicker the closer I got to the house. As I’m about to get to our gravel driveway, the fog got so dense that I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. I couldn’t see any lights anywhere. Then I started worrying that a car may come down the street and hit me. I felt around with my foot for a hint of gravel but my tennis shoe kept sliding over smooth pavement.

So I decided to back up, one step at a time to see if I could back out of the fog. Sure enough that worked. After backing up about ten paces, I could again see dim lights coming from our house and the neighbor’s house. I walked up the neighbor’s driveway trying to keep the same distance from my house that I found after backing up. The problem was that every time I tried to get a little closer, the fog would thicken. Then I had one of those spur-of-the-moment profound ideas that if I had taken a little more time to analyze the outcome, I may have decided against it. I didn’t take that time. Instead, I … gee … this might be a good stopping point since a new paragraph would be starting. Oh well. Gotta wait till next time.


This week’s blog has been brought to you by Bricklin, the cool car company where each car cost $16,000 to make but the idiot owners sold them for $5,000 each to dealers. There’s a money making deal for everyone … but the owners. Needless to say, the company didn’t last long. Below is a pic of a brick.

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