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The Savior Project: The Chosen One

July 6, 2016
So you know what’s going on …
March 2, 2016
Book 2: Terlokya Update!
January 24, 2017

The Journey Begins

Y ou are about to read about places and events where everything known about fantasy and science fiction has collided, creating a whole new reality … … where there is life throughout the universe … and on our Moon. They are hidden from view, observing, protecting, and influencing us. Those who have watched over us have raised one of ours, as one of theirs. He lives amongst us. Formidable is an understatement. He will lead us from the path of destruction and teach us how to fight those that hunt us. They have created our Savior and he will unify us. You’ve heard of him. You might even know him. He was carefully selected for this. His name is Chris Gates and he is the Savior Project. But soon they will be coming for him. Now there is a book that explains how it all began and was kept a secret for 50 years. The first book from the Savior Project series, The Chosen One, charts the covertly trained life of Chris Gates from his birth in 1966 to 2012. From childhood to baseball star to U.S. senator, his life unfolds on Earth as it is guided, shaped, and rescued by ‘those who have watched over us.’

Is the Savior living amongst us right now? His identity will shock the world: Twice. The novel charts the covertly trained existence of Chris Gates, from his planned birth in 1966 , to adulthood.

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"The author has done a tremendous job in developing the storyline, keeping the plot moving in an exciting fashion, describing the surroundings, and letting the reader feel involved from scene to scene. This is an incredible adventure.” – Michael J. Sullivan, bestselling author of Necessary Heartbreak and Everybody’s Daughter, Long Island, NY.

"Franke does a great job of bringing an advanced civilization's technology into an engaging story on Earth. I was drawn in by the span of the storyline and the characters within it.” – Jason Titus, Chief Technology Officer of Shazam Entertainment, London, England.

"Wow, what a ride! Moving from recent history to the present, Franke weaves a tale of science fiction that feels like it's happening next door. The characters feel like the friends you have around you with an extraordinary twist even they don't know. I look forward to seeing where the next books take us into the future.” Krystin Mann, Co-Owner of Tropical Imaging - Turks and Caicos Islands.

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