Part 8 – Another Great Tuesday Edition – Brought to you by Zenta and MLB.

Part 7 – Another Great Tuesday Edition – (Apologies that this is Wednesday. Explanation below.) With sponsors again! Yea!!!
March 13, 2013
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March 21, 2013
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Last week I talked about being in a language school in Bad Reichenhall, Germany and hanging out with the older teenagers.  I had just turned 14 two weeks after arriving and learned quickly what is was like to party like a college student. So my brothers and I hung with the ‘cool’ kids who were older, in the 17 – 18 range. The Italians and French didn’t get along too well with the Americans, Canadians, Greeks, Aussies, Kiwis, South Africans, Thais, and Filipinos. Our group got along great. But when it came time to sneak into town from our school, located up a long trail to a small mountaintop, all the ‘cool’ kids hung together regardless of nationality. Don’t get me wrong – there was always tension with the Italians and French, but nothing like on the soccer field where the teams were always split between the international alliances and players would go out of their way to kick an opponent right in the crotch whether the ball was close by or not. The refs, being German, loved it so they turned a blind eye. Volleyball was just as bad with leg swipes under the net or fingers being poked through the net hoping to catch an eye. That’s why it was so unusual for an Italian girl and an American boy to hook up. It was frowned upon by both alliances. What made it more unusual was the girl being 18 and the boy being 14.

You guessed it. I was that 14 year old American boy and Rita, (last name will not be reveled due to the internet being available for snoopers to try and track her down) yes, the Rita I mentioned last week, was that 18 year old Italian girl. I do remember her last name. It rolled off your tongue like a song. I was star struck. Her red hair looked like it was on fire and was so long and full. Think Gina Lollobrigida with long red hair. Rita had a ton of guys chasing her, even local Germans. There was this one guy who thought he was all everything, pencil thin mustache, fancy clothes, and had a car. I thought he was a wimp. Well, he did have a lot more than I had in the way of clothes and that car. But he wasn’t tall and handsome like me. (Gee, what did you expect me to say?) And he wasn’t an AMERICAN from that magical land across the ocean that most all European teenagers could only dream about. So how did we hook up? Well, we had a class together and on the second day, she came over to my desk and … oh wow … this should be a new paragraph and that means I’ve already hit my 2 paragraphs. Sorry.

NEXT WEEK – What did Rita ask me?

This week’s blog has been brought to you by Zenta. Who? ZENTA!!! The most beautiful Terlokyan on any planet. Read the book, The Chosen One and you’ll find out. And by Major League Baseball. They just don’t know it.  Yet.

Thanks for joining me. Enjoy the pic of Zenta below. (Sorry, no eye this week.)

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