Part 6 – Another Great Tuesday Edition – (with sponsors) … (again) (yeah!!!)

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February 28, 2013
Part 7 – Another Great Tuesday Edition – (Apologies that this is Wednesday. Explanation below.) With sponsors again! Yea!!!
March 13, 2013
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During the discussion of my assignment, Ethan, my professor,  mentioned that I wrote like I had been at or had seen what I was writing about. He said it was fresh and seemed like a firsthand account and asked me how I pulled that off considering some of it took place on the Moon. “Well … ,“ I began. “You’re gonna think I’m crazy. It’s a long story.” He said to try him so I did. I said, “I was there.” He gave me that funny look again, and said, “You’re right. This sounds like a long story but I have to go. We’ll talk more about it next week.” With that, he left the classroom.

 I didn’t know what he thought but wondered if he’d have anything to do with my work anymore or was he serious that we’d talk next week. One of my classmates was still in the classroom and had overheard our conversation. She asked what was so bad about being somewhere that you were writing about. Since she hadn’t been privy to last week’s conversation nor had she read my assignment, I figured I might as well add a second person to the list of those that think I’m nuts. (And now I’m adding anyone who is reading this blog) I told her that the chapters I had turned in for the assignment involved stories from the past and from events on the Moon. Her face scrunched up a bit as she eyed me. “Okay, I’ll bite. How’d you do that?” I told her it all began back in the late 60s when I lived in Germany. She immediately said I was a former hippy and that it was the drugs. I then told her that I was 13 years old at that time and lived with my family. That’s when she said, “I gotta hear this,” and sat down in chair next to mine. So I began. And you’ll get to read about it next week.

This week’s blog has been brought to you by the Wayside Takeout. They didn’t give me anything – I just like their chicken.  And by Heather Hummel Photography – why? I guess cause I like looking at her photography. She’s good at it. And by the 4th version of ‘The Eye’, (symbol of The Savior Project) Last week’s eye, the blue one, is used somewhere on the book cover. Whoever tells me where it is on the cover wins a free ebook. Post your response on Facebook as a comment under this post announcing this week’s blog or in the comment field on my blog. No one won last week so the prize is still there.


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