Part 53 – “The Story of Terlokya – Colonial Wars” – Brought to you by Lloyd Manufacturing.

Part 52 – “The Story of Terlokya – A New Enemy” – Brought to you by Ace Security
February 18, 2014
Part 54 – “The Story of Terlokya – Veloptors” – Brought to you by The Concorde
March 4, 2014
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In Part 52, Caslaikove told about the glitch in MFR travel that allowed for aliens to stumble upon the colonies. When they did, it was a massacre. There’s more from Caslaikove below, or you can go straight to .

02/25/14, Earth Time: 06:00 AM, EST, Tuesday – The Story of Terlokya – Colonial Wars

Greetings and salutations. Caslaikove here. Last week I discussed the error in the Split Magnetic Field Travel and how aliens came through the rif and sat face to face with Terlokyans. We were friendly, they were not. They massacred us and captured two of our fighters. Since the planet Cezzeck was our colony and this battle occurred right outside the planet’s orbit, observers in the space stations that were orbiting the planet knew of the massacre. The rif was still open and the aliens left through it before it closed, presumably going back to where they came from.  But they took with them the two captured Cruiser Fighters that were equipped with the Split Magnetic Field Travel technology. But the aliens left behind one of their disabled fighters.

Needless to say, we were sure that whoever they were, they would replicate our technology and be back. The colony itself on Cezzeck was very small. It was more of a military-industrial complex to where some of the military and civilian residents brought their families due to extended deployments. Strategically it was of no importance. But as for mineral wealth, it had vast quantities of Costine which is used in manufacturing flexible metals. So it was a huge mining operation. Plus another planet in that solar system, Kekter, also had Costine. It wasn’t more than a year before the aliens returned. And this time they came in force. Kesmar, quite old by now, was still always vigilant. He had built up the defenses of both planets in preparation for the invasion he knew would come. And he knew what type of invaders they would be based upon what was discovered in the disabled alien fighter.

NEXT WEEK  – “Veloptors”

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