Part 49 – “The Story of Terlokya – New Dawn” – Brought to you by The Florida Alligator Association

Part 48 – “The Story of Terlokya – Priimus” – Brought to you by Yellerstone National Park
January 21, 2014
Part 50 – “The Story of Terlokya – Exploration” – Brought to you by The Outer Banks Travel Association
February 4, 2014
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In Part 48, Caslaikove spoke of Kesmar uniting Terlokya and having the rank of Priimus bestowed upon him making him the first military commander of the entire united planet. There’s more from Caslaikove below, or you can go straight to .

01/28/14, Earth Time: 06:00 AM, EST, Tuesday – The Story of Terlokya – New Dawn

Greetings and salutations. Caslaikove here. Last week I told of Kesmar’s quest to unify the entire planet and how he used his blood heritage to win over the last holdouts, the Mooomuos, instigators of the Great War. He reveled to them that he had their blood in his veins from his Father being a half-breed. That won them over.  So with a united planet, Kesmar, (or Priimus as he was now known by) began his new quest to raise the research and development of technology to levels unseen. First, improvements were needed to bring devastated areas of the planet back to life. Advancements were made in soil reclamation, solar and wind power, and organic farming. A planet wide information system was developed accessible to all Terlokyans. Education and healthcare became rights for everyone. The civilian population were being taken care of and were totally behind the effort.

With the important areas of military technology lagging behind the desired level, the lines between military and civilian research and development in terms of transportation on Terlokya and in space were eliminated to combine resources to advance the cause – which achieved grand results. Military and civilian scientists jointly improved Magnetic Field Alignment travel by leaps and bounds. The most important breakthrough was in high speed space travel. Scientists knew that space is made up of varying sizes of ‘magnetic fields’ or ‘magnetic plates’, sections of space that border each other. They discovered a method of splitting or separating 2 plates and slipping between them until they close back up. This is accomplished by using plutonium-239 explosions to push the 2 plates apart. Then ships travel through the gaps. This is then repeated at the next field. There were many deficiencies but it was the best method at the time.

NEXT WEEK “Exploration”

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