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February 13, 2013
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February 26, 2013
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Wow! Being fifty- … uhhh … my age … and going back to school – even if it’s just taking a bunch of creative writing classes, was a huge deal to me. Sure, I’ve taken courses/classes/instruction on IT subjects to advance what I do for a living, or should I say … to support my writing till I make the big-time. So what type/age/whatever of ‘other’ students would be in my classes? What’ll it be like having a real professor again? My first class in the fall of 2007 was ‘The Art of Creative Writing’ and my professor was a LOT younger than me. All of the students were younger than me. Self-doubt entered the picture and I questioned myself about this quest. But being in the first class and actually enjoying the learning environment, I stayed. I received a homework assignment and decided to see where this path led me.

Remembering the actual assignment would be impossible but trust me – it had to do with writing. I had decided to use each assignment as a way to write a particular chapter for the first book. I do remember that one assignment was to have your main character show emotion from either an extreme high or an extreme low, but you couldn’t  say what was causing it – you had to show it. It’s one of the many rules writers abide by – Show, don’t Tell.  I completed the first assignment and turned it in at the next class. Not knowing how it would be received/critiqued/graded, I would have to go another whole week to get any feedback. No one had laid eyes on any of my writing of this book so I was really antsy about this assignment. Next week – my anticipation of the next week.

Mentioned last week was that the EYE is the symbol of the Savior Project. Not just one version is used. Here’s another that appears … can’t tell you yet.

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