Part 20 – Gotta get back. – Brought to you by The DFO.

Part 19 – Coffee Shop tour starts 6/8 – Brought to you by ME.
June 4, 2013
Part 21 – “Now I get it.” – Brought to you by Kidd Blast – the band that put MAX on the map.
June 18, 2013
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In Part 19, we took a bit of a break to cover the start of my Coffee Shop Tour, which went very well. As for the story, back in Part 18, I shared info about my first OBE. It seemed to be going fine until my brother interrupted it by pulling on my arm and bringing me out of the OBE. When he did, I jumped up and pushed him out of my room calling him a drunk b—— and to not come back. Even in his drunken stupor, he was quite surprised at my actions. But it must not have affected him too much. After a couple of minutes, I opened my door and went into his room and found him passed out on his bed with his coat still on. I thought about waking him and telling him to get ready for bed, but I figured he’d wake up in a couple of hours in a ball of alcohol sweat and be miserable. Yeah, payback is hell.

So I went back into my room and checked the clock. I had just enough time to get back to Naples and maybe catch Rita on her way to Mass. This time I put on socks and shoes and my blue jean jacket. I did my prep, willed myself to Naples, and slid into whatever kind of trance that happens. The next thing I knew, I was in the middle of Rita’s street, exactly where I was before. I looked at her apartment building in time to see her father coming out of the door, followed by her mother, then 500 or so brothers and sisters – they are Catholic ya know – and then I saw her … Rita. She was as beautiful as the last time I saw her. I ran up the outside building stairs, noticing that as I passed by her family, no one looked at me. I jumped up the last step and landed right in front of Rita as she was turning around to close the outer door behind her. She turned back around and appeared to look right through me as she headed down the stairs. I shouted, Rita, it’s me!” She kept on walking down the sidewalk behind her siblings. I ran up next to her and tried to touch her arm. My hand passed through her. I tried again; same result. I raced up to her father (who didn’t like me anyway) and jumped up and down in front of him screaming, “I’m here to take your daughter away!” No response. I put both hands out to stop him. He walked right through me … as did the rest of the family, including Rita. I could see her but not interact with her in any way. As I stood on the sidewalk wondering what to do, some older gentleman (prick maybe?) bumped into me and cursed me … in Italian of course. My immediate reaction was to say something back, but I didn’t … cause that’s when it hit me. I could … oh well, I have to stop. That was supposed to be a new paragraph. This is where the promise to keep it short comes into play.

This week’s blog has been brought to you by The DFO, founded as a concert promotion company in 1976. It’s very first concert, on the Rivanna River bottomlands in Key West was such a success that the company never put on another concert. I was a part of that group and I won’t say what DFO stands for. And success is a relative word.

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Thanks for joining me. Here are a couple of pics from the opening of the Coffee Shop tour last Saturday. I was proud to share the stage with the most awesome band – The Rockfish Gap Band. So very cool, talented, and so very smooth. CYA next week.


There I am, up on the stage …


There they are, the most awesome Rockfish Gap Band.

Good times …

What do you think so far?

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